The Insane! Prospecting webinar is a free weekly resource for financial advisors that are struggling with prospecting.

What to Expect

100% original content with no repeats and 3 to 5 brand new agenda items every single week, sometimes including guest speakers.

Jason Bernic, an Executive Life Coach and Certified Financial Planner professoinal, created and hosts the webinar which has been going weekly since 31 March 2020.

It launched with the intention to support financial advisors that had the need to continue prospecting despite potential clients social distancing. It created such an impact with attendees that it has continued ever since.

Join us on Zoom every Tuesday at 7:30am

…for an hour as we explore fundamental topics such as mindset and strategy, as well as open up for Q&A and the occasional live coaching sessions.

*This link takes you to Success Coaching’s web site where you can register


The Insane Prospecting Webinar does not include any of the content found in the online course or the bootcamp. It is interesting and speaks conceptually around all things prospecting for financial advisors but does not offer the scope and depth required to have a significant impact on who you are as a prospector or how you prospect. Only the Insane! Prospecting Online Course and Bootcamp will do that for you.

Use the webinar as a lead into investing in the course, and to support your learnings and your actions once you have taken the course.