A 27-module online course for financial advisors that want to grow their businesses through new client acquisition.


One of a kind in SA

It is the only course of its kind in South Africa – no other person, business or institution is offering original content of this magnitude to support advisors in this space. Prospecting is about getting in front of people and Insane! Prospecting not only provides you with 101 ways of doing this, but works with you to build the confidence to do so. 

This content-rich course will challenge you and move you out of your comfort zone while, at the same time, providing you with the skills and tools required to create the success that you want. 

Mindset and Capacity For Referrals

You will work on yourself and how you show up in front of prospective clients, as well as your mindset and your capacity to be referred. Human connection is an integral part of your development, as your greatest practice in the prospecting space is around approach. 

The course considers the digital nudge that both time and Coronavirus have given us, and aids you in preparing for a virtual world, not just insofar as prospecting is concerned, but as a whole. 

Bridging the Gap

Insane! Prospecting provides you with everything you need to know and then bridges the gap to show you what to do.

It then goes on to support you for 6 weeks as you turn your learnings into action and put your plan into practice.

Exclusive Access

Course attendees have exclusive access to this original content, not available anywhere else:

101 prospecting strategies across 15 categories

Your Own Excuse Buster

A practical Value Proposition builder

An Effective Activity Tracking System

A ‘How to Go Digital’ Guide

Guest speaker: Image Consultant (filmed for Insane! Prospecting)

A prospecting formula that works

A Client Objection Buster

A realistic way of looking at Target Market

A Pipeline Template built for Prospecting

Interview with CEO of Sales Guru (filmed for Insane! Prospecting)

In addition, course attendees will enjoy:

Access to a private Facebook group
Discounts to the Advisor Dojo
Weekly emailer with 100% original content
A Nudge Card – a daily prospecting prompt

The Insane! Prospecting online course is the answer to advisors’ greatest need, as guaged over almost two decades of being an advisor and coaching other advisors:

“How do I get more clients?”

Course Modules

The 27-module course is divided into…

21 modules of learning >> CPD certificate issued (25 general points)
6 modules of guidance and support over 6 weeks of implementation

Module 1 – Welcome


Module 2 – Approach

Prospecting strategies

Module3 – Goals

Business & Personal and how they relate

Module 4 – Comfort Zone

Module 5 – Who am I?

How you see yourself & how others see you

Module 6 – Current Narrative

How you show up when prospecting

Module 7 – Value Proposition

Your Offering

Module 8 – Target Market

Ideal and Immediate clients

Module 9 – Mindset

How to get out of your own way

Module 10 – Are you referable?

Would you refer YOU?

Module 11 – New Narrative

How you want to show up when prospecting

Module 12 – Connect

How to connect with others

Module 13 – Invite

Move from chit-chat to business

Module 14 – Going Digital

Helping you navigate a digital world

Module 15 – Digital Marketing

How to create a virtual presence

Module 16 – Pipeline

Create a system to manage your prospects

Module 17 – Your prospect planning

Turn learnings into action

Module 18 – Excuse Buster

All of your excuses and why none of them matter

Module 19 – To be in action

Activity and approaches

Module 20 – Objections from Prospects

All the potential objections and how to move past them

Module 21 – Wrapping up

Implementing what you have learnt

Modules 22-27 – Implementation

6 weeks of support as you roll out your prospecting plan

Invest in yourself, your business and your future

Successful prospecting will change everything for you. It will build your confidence, improve your business and allow you to ultimately live the life and lifestyle that you desire.

For a relatively small investment and a little work, you could take your business and your life to the next level. How much is it worth to you to acquire new clients, do more business and grow your book? R5,000? R10,000?

If you invested R10,000 with the certainty that you could return 1,000% in a year, would you do that? How about if it required you to dedicate some time to learning and some more time to getting uncomfortable and doing what you know you need to do? Is it worth it?

Absolutely! Well, the good news is that the course only requires an investment of R2,499!

If you earn commission, is one reasonable premium
If you charge fees, is a fraction of the cost of a reasonable plan

For R2,499 you will be able to…

Access the only prospecting course built for financial advisors

Access exclusive content designed exclusively for and available only in this course

Access 101 prospecting strategies upfront in module TWO of the course

Build the capacity to be a prospecting machine

Build the prospecting muscle required to get out there and win

Build the confidence to approach and connect with the clients you want

Build the resilience to not be affected by rejection

Try and fail and try again while being supported for 6 weeks following the modules

Continue your learnings and practices within a private Facebook community

Oh, and you get CPD points! Did I mention that?

One more thing… being an online course attendee, you will also have access to the Insane Prospecting Bootcamp – a quarterly 2-day training ground for online course graduates that want to take their prospecting to the next level. This is where we throw it all at you and have you practice in real life with real people. This is a prospecting intensive that will have you depart more ready than you have ever been.
Course graduates only. CPD Certificate confirms.