A 2-day intensive for prospecting course graduates that want to take their prospecting to the next level.

Level Up

The Insane! Prospecting bootcamp is the next level plug-in to the online course.

As a course graduate, you will have exclusive access to this two-day intensive where you will train to improve your impact and enhance your fortitude. The bootcamp is for those that have put their learnings into action and want to advance toward prospecting mastery.

Upcoming Events

Unfortunately live events are not permitted at this time. Course graduates will be informed when they resume.

Develop Your Consciousness

The bootcamp is an immersive experience that will allow you to develop your consciousness around prospecting. We take the time to expand on and deep dive all that you have learnt, but more importantly it is a platform for you to get uncomfortable and practice without fear of failure or loss of potential clients.

This prospecting training ground provides the support and the pressure for you to upgrade your capacity to prospect, and as a result improving your ability, confidence and resilience in the real world.  

What is Covered

Over the two exciting days, we will cover:

Practicing the Approach >> Connect >> Invite model

Busting all your excuses – getting you out of your own way

Practice handling client objections – because unless you are prepared, the answers will not come to you

Dealing with rejection – forever

Fine-tuning your prospecting plans – to be practical, implementable and executable

Live coaching – around real prospecting challenges everyone can relate to

Getting uncomfortable – because failing in the real world is far more uncomfortable

Pressure cooker – practicing under intense conditions makes reality easier

Doing the work – turning your learning into doing, your knowledge into actions

Practice – practice, practice and some more

Live Q&A – all the questions you ever had around prospecting… answered

Break through your ceiling of limitation – take your prospecting to the next level

Keeping your cool – maintaining calm during challenging situations

Two days… are you crazy?!

This is a bootcamp… also called an intensive… also called a deep dive – what did you expect?!  

Don’t worry – we’ll keep you motivated and energised.


You must first complete the Insane! Prospecting online course. The bootcamp is designed to plug into the online course, access its content, your learnings, and take you to the next level. The online course provides you with the skills and the tools that you require to develop yourself to be a great prospector; the bootcamp has you embody them as you practice moving toward unconscious competence.


Johannesburg & Cape Town

Your Investment

How much would you pay to take your prospecting to the next level?

The Insane! Prospecting bootcamp draws on all the skills, tools, mindset work, planning and execution that you achieved through the online course. By now your relationship with prospecting would have improved and you are more conscious as to how you show up as a prospector and around potential clients.

Enter the Bootcamp! This live event puts you in front of other online course graduates that have similar prospecting objectives. It provides an interactive learning environment where you can consolidate what you know and fill in any blanks. It also turns up the heat and creates training conditions sufficiently intense that you get to practice under supportive and encouraging pressure and build the confidence and grit that you require to get more of the clients you want.

How much would you pay for two days’ worth of training that upgrade your prospecting to the highest level? How much is this worth? The cost of one new clients, two comprehensive financial plans, three single-need sales?

A small investment for a lifetime of prospecting success.

R4,999 will take you from good to great…

and if you apply what you learn, you will make that money back in the days that follow.

The investment buys you:

An insane upgrade to your prospecting way of being

Moves you from doing prospecting to being prospecting

An escape from your home or office for two days

Time at a beautiful venue within tranquil surrounds

An exclusive experience unavailable elsewhere else

Unique content designed and developed just for you

All documentation and materials provided. Just bring your worksheets from the online course. Everything will be explained in the welcome email.

Breakfast, snacks, lunch, more snacks, all refreshments including water, coffee, tea, organic energy drinks and cold-pressed vegetable boosters!

You haven’t taken the online course but wish to attend the bootcamp?

The online course is everything you will ever need to become a better prospector, but it is a self-study and does not provide you with the platform to practice under pressure and therefore shift you to play an even bigger game.

The bootcamp is designed as an add-on to the online course to have you lean into your edge, take personal risk, get uncomfortable, try, fail, try again, experience success, improve confidence and build resilience.

The online course is the foundation to the teachings and the practices that the bootcamp offers, As I result I strongly suggest that you take the online course at least 6 weeks before the bootcamp, which will give you enough time to get through the 21 modules.

Ideally though, you want to give yourself 12 weeks. The online course includes a 6-week support period following the 21 modules. If you aim to do both the online course and the bootcamp, 12 weeks equals 3 months and the bootcamp will be held quarterly.

There’s some maths to get you going! If you are still stuck or have any questions, contact me.