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The only prospecting resource exclusively for financial advisors.

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Here you will find everything you will ever need to grow your business through new client acquisition.

Insane! Prospecting was borne out of 7 years of exclusively coaching financial advisors, during which time the biggest question asked was,

“How do I get new clients?”

Prospecting is about getting in front of a potential client and nowhere else can you find content designed exclusively for you, the financial advisor.


“There is nothing else like it.”


“No one else is doing this stuff.”


“Finally – someone that can talk about prospecting in financial advisor language.”


“More content than I could ever have imagined.”


“Ticks all the boxes and more.”

How We Can Help

How we help financial advisors to prospect

Insane! Prospecting ONLINE COURSE [25 points]
A 27-module prospecting course with power-packed content that you will not find anywhere else. The most comprehensive, and tailored prospecting training available to financial advisors, anywhere.

Insane! Prospecting BOOTCAMP
A 2-day intensive for graduates of the online course that want to exercise their learnings and build even greater prospecting strength for the real world.

Insane! Prospecting WEBINAR
A free weekly webinar for anyone in financial services that is struggling with prospecting. Every week we discuss concepts, mindset and strategy.

*This webinar will not change your life. It is designed as an interim support mechanism for those wanting to register for the online course.

Other ways in which you can get support


One-on-one private coaching with Executive Life Coach, Jason Bernic.

Advisor Dojo

Group coaching for financial advisors that want to train hard and grow successful businesses.


Customised talks, presentations, events and programmes for businesses that want to support their advisors with their prospecting.

Jason Bernic

Post-graduate Diploma in Financial Planning
Founder and committee head of the Young Financial Planners’ Organisation

Insane! Prospecting and all of its programmes and content was designed and developed by Jason Bernic, an Executive Life Coach, working with Private and Business Clients and having a special interest in helping financial advisors grow their businesses and create world-class client experiences.

Jason has 17 years of experience in Financial Planning, International Wealth Management and Financial Planner Coaching. He worked at Sage Life, Momentum, HSBC Bank International (now HSBC Expat), Acsis and Old Mutual Wealth before going on his own.

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He has a BComm in Economics and Business Economics, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and held the CFP® designation for 15 years before opting to reflect his coaching credentials instead. 

Before moving from advice to coaching, Jason was building his AUM at a rate of R100 million a year, and this was in his early 30s. Jason knew that successful prospecting is not just about what you need to do, but who you need to be. Many financial planning business have incorporated coaching into their client engagement processes because of its power to connect with clients and learn what really matters to them. It was through coaching that Insane! Prospecting was imagined and thus created, with the objective of providing advisors with the means and the confidence to connect with potential clients and grow successful businesses.  


Insane! Prospecting launched in Johannesburg in 2019 as a 10-hour live workshop (bootcamp!). It was so successful that two months later is was rolled out around the country! Its design attracts two types of attendees, and many in between: 

Financial advisors that are within the first few years of their business and have a need to grow their client base.

Financial planners that have successful advice businesses but want to scale back, reduce their client numbers and focus on acquiring more of their ideal clients. 

If you want to grow your business through new client acquisition, then you need to get Insane about Prospecting!

For a relatively small investment in yourself, you could realise massive returns in your business.